“The Color Purple” is Back, Plus Lots More Goings On

So much to report this week.  I apologize for delaying these posts the last few weeks.  Between graduations, the cicada attack and wild weather, it’s been hectic to say the least.

I want to begin with the most recent interviews and work back.  So first up, the hit Broadway musical “The Color Purple” is coming back and I am beyond excited!!!!!  The show was here last year, just before the May flood and sold out.  And thanks to the good folks at TPAC who never want to disappoint, they brought this blockbuster to us again.  I had the honor of speaking with Pam Trotter, the actress who plays Sofia.  She lives in my old neighborhood back in L.A. and we had a blast catching up on home.  But she also had lots to say about the role that made Oprah a household name.  Take a listen and then run, don’t walk, to TPAC to get tickets.  The show opens tomorrow and runs through the weekend.  

If you’re like me, summer is a great time to catch up pleasure reading.  I don’t know what it is, but the longer days seem to call me to curl up on my deck with a good book.  And local author Karyn Henley has a new one out.  This one is aimed at young adult readers.  That means teens and up.  So, it’s a great opportunity to read something with your teen that should spark some interesting conversation.  Or at the very least, you’ll get an eye roll.  But I promise you won’t be disappointed by “Breath of Angel.”  Listen to what Karyn has to say.    And, you can meet Karyn this coming Friday at the Cool Springs Barnes & Noble.  She’ll be signing copies of the book beginning at 7:00.  Don’t miss it, and tell her I said “hi”.

Okay, so we all know smoking is bad for you, will kill you, and is bad for those around you.  But so many people continue to smoke and struggle with nicotine addiction.  Even worse, there are still some young people who start smoking and think they can quit whenever they want.  Veterans of the quitting war know that’s not necessarily the case.  I talked to Dr. William Lawson, a pulmonary critical care doc at Vanderbilt, and a spokesman for the American Lung Association.  He gave me the low down on why people still smoke and how they can get the help they need to quit for good.  

The recent Census confirmed what many of us have known for awhile: the senior population in this country is growing by leaps and bounds.  As the “Baby Boomers” continue to maintain active, vibrant lives, they are also living longer than previous generations (yay!).  But that means metropolitan areas like ours have to adapt to their specific needs.  I talked with Van Cluck, CEO of The Blakeford at Green Hills, and a member of the steering committee of the Nashville Livability Project.  He had some great insight into what is being done, and what still needs to be improved to accommodate our seniors.  

Do you want to be rich?  Do you have a newly-minted adult in your life who wants to be rich?  There’s actually a new book that is called “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” and it’s a hip, funny and straight-arrow guide to obtaining wealth.  I talked to the author, Ramit Sethi, who doesn’t pull any punches.  Listen to what he has to say, then grab a copy of the book.  

So, summer is just about to start, and it’s hot, hot, hot here in Middle Tennessee.  But that doesn’t mean your exercise plan goes out the window.  In fact, our Mayor Karl Dean has a challenge for all of us.  Walk 100 miles with him and win some stuff.  Mayor Dean is even putting his feet where his mouth is and leading walks around town and is inviting us all to join him.  Listen to the Mayor, then lace up your walking shoes and get out there!  

Well, I’ve got lots more to update.  But this post is getting way too long!  Enjoy these interviews and look for more later this week.  It’s summer, there’s lots to do, go play and have fun!  Cheers!