Quality Health Care Really Is For Everyone!

Colorful_spring_gardenSpring is gradually beginning to, well, Spring!  Let’s keep fingers crossed the warming trend continues.  I’ve seen buds on the trees and my tulips are just popping up.  Can’t wait to see the blossoms. 

In the meantime, as the country is abuzz over the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, many in our own community have been offering quality health care to families for a long time.  I had an amazing chat with Dr. Morgan Wills, Executive Director of Siloam Family Health Center.  He shared his passion for serving people from around the world who now call Nashville “home.”  And I had a tour of Siloam’s gorgeous Health Center.  Check out my interview and, if your business or organization needs a beautiful meeting site, Siloam can meet those needs as well!  What a place!  

In addition to Nashville’s “It City” status when it comes to food, sports and country music, our little town also enjoys top billing as one the country’s most creative places.  I spoke with Noah Spiegel, Chief Operating Officer of the Nashville Opera, about waaaaay more than Opera.  Listen to our chat about what’s making Nashville a “go-to” destination for the arts and culture and how the Opera is contributing to educating a new generation.  

Well, that’s about it for this post.  I just want to leave you all with my two cents.  Nashville is a great place to live, work and play.  If you haven’t played in awhile, this Spring is a great time to start.  Catch y’all later!