Whatever Happened To….?

Do you believe the snow flurries this morning? This California girl is freezing inside her pumps! How I long for a pina colada under a palm tree with the sound of the waves and a nice ocean breeze…

After an interview, I often wonder what happens next to the folks who are doing some really great things in Middle Tennessee. Last summer I talked to the owner of Maples Wedding Cakes, Jay Qualls, about his audition for a new reality show. When last we spoke, he was working on his audition dvd for TLC’s “Next Great Baker” series to be filmed in New York City. Well, our very own Jay was chosen and has now completed the challenging show. We’re not sure how well he did, it’s an inside secret and we’ll just have to watch the series to find out. But, this past week, I talked to Jay again about his experiences and he has lots to dish about! Take a listen, and then tune in to tonight’s premiere at 8:00PM on TLC. The show runs for the next eight weeks. Heeeeeere’s Jay! Jay Qualls

Some local businesses really become part of the fabric of a city. And so it is with Feltus/Hawkins Designs, an architectural/design firm here in Nashville. It’s run by the husband and wife team of Marjorie and David Feltus-Hawkins and the duo are celebrating their 20th Anniversary in business. I talked to Marjorie about the challenges of working with your spouse, surviving an economic downturn and her fabulous residential and commercial designs. Check it out! Marjorie Feltus-Hawkins

And, coming up next week and beyond, you’ll want to listen for some great events and happenings during the holiday season in Middle Tennessee. And, check out the link for My ADD Brain to learn more about having a truly peaceful family gathering.

Keep warm Nashville!

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