It’s Tax Season…Again…

It’s the beginning of February!  Have you started working on your taxes yet?  I think I have, but you’d have to ask my significant other to be sure!  Every year changes to the tax codes spell confusion for many of us.  Last year, I spoke to my friend, Tax Manager Gail Childress from Flood, Bumstead, Mcready & McCarthy.  She was so helpful, I thought I’d bring her back in to give everyone some updates.  And, lo and behold, there are many new things to know this year.  Listen to Gail and then get yourself organized and ready for that deadline!  

I love to talk to people who are bold risk-takers, entrepreneurs, creative thinkers.  Two friends of mine are embarking on a great venture that is unique yet something we all wish we had: a wife!  I wish I’d thought of it!  Debra Fish and Terri Bond have started WifeWorks, a business that offers all the services of a really organized, cheerful, guilt-free wife!  I could sure use one of those.  I talked to Debra and Terri to learn more about their services and they’re making it all work while managing a family of their own.  

For families and caregivers of folks with Alzheimer’s or children with Autism, there is so much to do.  One of the biggest challenges is when an elderly spouse wanders away from home, or when a youngster dashes away from parents at the park.  It’s frightening for everyone, and can sometimes lead to a dangerous situation.  There are lots of products on the market to help, but only one that offers a monitoring service.  Emfinders has created a small, comfortable wristband that will help you find your loved one in no time.  I interviewed Patrice MacAree, CEO of Emfinders to get the scoop!  Check him out and if you need more info, you can contact Emfinders.  

Well, that’s about it for this week!  Coming up this Sunday, I’ll be talking to Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain about the group’s upcoming concert benefiting Franklin Road Academy!  

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