“We are dreamgirls, boys…”

Well, last night was the opening night of TPAC’s latest Broadway installment: Dreamgirls. It was knock-your-socks-off amazing! The classic show about love, music and following your dreams still holds up even after 25 years. We laughed, we cried, we left singing and wondering if we’d really followed our own dreams all these years. We even had a great pre-show dinner at Koto Sushi restaurant and sitting at our neighboring table were two fabulous and handsome young men who are in the cast! What fun! I interviewed Chester Gregory who plays James “Thunder” Early, the role made famous on film by Eddie Murphy. Chester is a fun and talented man and I had a blast talking theater with him. Enjoy the interview, but more important, GO SEE THIS SHOW!!!!! You won’t be sorry. It’s only in town until October 31st, so hurry, hurry, hurry. Here’s Chester! Chester Gregory

So, in our family, college admission is first and foremost. Our youngest is in application/senior mode. He follows his two older sibs who will both be graduating from undergrad this coming Spring, so we’ve been down this road before. And paying for this higher-ed extravaganza is first and foremost on our minds too! To borrow, or not to borrow, that is THE question. I interviewed a great young guy, Zac Bissonnette, himself a senior at UMass, who wrote a book about how to stay debt-free while in college. It’s called “Debt Free U: How I Got a Great College Education Without Going Into Debt or Mooching Off My Parents”. Take a listen, it’s great food for thought (no pun intended). Zac Bissonnette

Well, Nashville, that’s about it for this week. After yesterday’s windy, stormy weather, enjoy what looks to be a beautiful weekend. And, have a Happy Halloween!

Can You Hear Me Now?

I know this is a blog, but “can you hear me now?” Do you find yourself turning up the volume on your phone, TV, radio, phone even when you’re alone? Do you wonder about your kids’ ability to hear you when you talk? Well, that’s a trick question because we all know kids use selective hearing to tune out our endless parental blabbering. But seriously, I’ve found myself worrying about their endless use of earbud technology. I interviewed a local audiologist to find out how damaging our world is to our hearing. Patti Thigpen, Phd, gave me some sobering news and statistics about hearing loss. She also has some great tips to help us and our kids minimize the damage as well as introducing some new technology that can help. Patti Thigpen

This year is shaping up to be a pretty bad flu season. But unlike last year, there’s no hysteria about the precious H1N1 vaccine, there’s plenty to go around. This year’s vaccine will also help combat other strains. Dr. Raymond Strykas is a medical officer at the Department of Health and Human Services and he has some advice about how to stay healthy and, if you do get sick, what to do to help get well soon! He also helps disspell some myths about the vaccine. So, don’t forget to get your flu shot, they are offered everywhere this year! Dr. Raymond Strykas

So, listen up Nashville, Keep Listening (but not too loudly).


A couple of weeks ago I interviewed a terrific local business woman who is doing a great job helping out some local non-profits while building a community right in the heart of downtown Nashville Marti Klecka, owner of Urban Sun Tanning Salon is opening her doors for a series of monthly “Sunshine Parties”. Check her out! Marti Klecka

Most of us never think about how county business gets done. But if you’ve ever renewed your driver’s license, applied for a passport or needed a copy of your birth certificate, you know how tedious it can be. Well, our newly elected Davidson County Clerk, John Arriola, is making great strides toward improving the delivery of county services. Soon you might even be able to get that driver’s license via an app on your phone. Here’s what John has to say! County Clerk John Arriola And, a breaking update, a North Nashville satellite office is opening very soon. It will be located in the North Police Precinct at 2231 26 th Ave. North, Nashville, TN 37208. A grand opening celebration, which is free and open to the public, will take place Wednesday, November 17, 12:00-1:00 p.m. Complimentary lunch will be served to the first 100 people to arrive.

Some Great Past Interviews

Well, finally, as many have requested, here are some past interviews. The first is a very dynamic woman, Susan Brennan VP Marketing at Nissan and President of the Southern Automotive Women’s Forum. This group held their innaugural event in August and brought together automotive professional women from several southern states. Who knew there were so many women in the automotive industry? The event was inspiring and fun! Here’s Susan Brennan. Susan Brennan

Next up, is Alan Looney from Castle Construction. He’s one of our area’s premiere new home builders and was chosen by Southern Living as one of their premiere builders. His passion for building dream homes for folks in Middle Tennessee is infectious. Alan Looney

In September, we heard from Paige Dixon from the Palm Restaurant about a concert called “Get Your Boots on Nashville!” This great event helped raise money for our troops overseas and their families here at home. Here’s Paige! Paige Dixon

Cancer isn’t usually thought of as a child’s disease. But it afflicts tens of thousands of kids nation-wide. A great organization, the Ascend Foundation, helps educate school kids about cancer and how they can help out their friends, family members and other loved ones while they’re ill. Russ Pritchard of the Ascend Foundation explains how the program works. Russ Pritchard

Well, that’s it for today! Keep listening Nashville, and watch this blog for more exciting info and interviews. Coming up next week, Dreamgirls debuts at TPAC! Great cast, I interviewed one of the stars today and it’s going to be awesome!

Giant Tomatoes Invade Nashville!

This week’show featured an interview with Craig Metzger, from Red Gold Tomatoes. They have teamed up with Second Harvest Food Bank and donated 15,000 pounds of tomatoes! To help publicize their generosity they have erected a billboard in downtown with 15 foot high Tomato cans, tomato vines! This ups the ante for artists interested in next year's Tomato Festival! Craig Metzger

We also spoke with Reverend David Beckmann, President of Bread for the World, about poverty and hunger in the U.S. It seems our own Senator Bob Corker is pushing for some real foreign aid reform to help beef up (no pun intended) U.S. ability to help fight poverty, reduce hunger, and help democracies around the world. Congress will also be deciding soon about the Federal Child Nutrition Act which authorizes school lunch programs. For more information about all of these these efforts, check out http://www.bread.org. Reverend David Beckman

Thanks for listening Nashville!