Giant Tomatoes Invade Nashville!

This week’show featured an interview with Craig Metzger, from Red Gold Tomatoes. They have teamed up with Second Harvest Food Bank and donated 15,000 pounds of tomatoes! To help publicize their generosity they have erected a billboard in downtown with 15 foot high Tomato cans, tomato vines! This ups the ante for artists interested in next year's Tomato Festival! Craig Metzger

We also spoke with Reverend David Beckmann, President of Bread for the World, about poverty and hunger in the U.S. It seems our own Senator Bob Corker is pushing for some real foreign aid reform to help beef up (no pun intended) U.S. ability to help fight poverty, reduce hunger, and help democracies around the world. Congress will also be deciding soon about the Federal Child Nutrition Act which authorizes school lunch programs. For more information about all of these these efforts, check out Reverend David Beckman

Thanks for listening Nashville!

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