Some Great Past Interviews

Well, finally, as many have requested, here are some past interviews. The first is a very dynamic woman, Susan Brennan VP Marketing at Nissan and President of the Southern Automotive Women’s Forum. This group held their innaugural event in August and brought together automotive professional women from several southern states. Who knew there were so many women in the automotive industry? The event was inspiring and fun! Here’s Susan Brennan. Susan Brennan

Next up, is Alan Looney from Castle Construction. He’s one of our area’s premiere new home builders and was chosen by Southern Living as one of their premiere builders. His passion for building dream homes for folks in Middle Tennessee is infectious. Alan Looney

In September, we heard from Paige Dixon from the Palm Restaurant about a concert called “Get Your Boots on Nashville!” This great event helped raise money for our troops overseas and their families here at home. Here’s Paige! Paige Dixon

Cancer isn’t usually thought of as a child’s disease. But it afflicts tens of thousands of kids nation-wide. A great organization, the Ascend Foundation, helps educate school kids about cancer and how they can help out their friends, family members and other loved ones while they’re ill. Russ Pritchard of the Ascend Foundation explains how the program works. Russ Pritchard

Well, that’s it for today! Keep listening Nashville, and watch this blog for more exciting info and interviews. Coming up next week, Dreamgirls debuts at TPAC! Great cast, I interviewed one of the stars today and it’s going to be awesome!

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