A High-Tech Horror Story

This past week, in honor of Halloween, I did an interview about a very modern-day horror story: internet identity theft. I talked to Adam Levin, founder of Identity Theft 9-1-1 about how these new-age cyber-criminals can nab your identity and how you can protect yourself and your kids. It was such an important and informative interview, we devoted the entire show to it. Here are part 1 and part 2. Adam Levin Part 1 Adam Levin Part 2

And, while you were all getting prepped for Halloween, my hubby and I were snuggled up for the weekend at an amazing local inn. The Inn at Evins Mill is that perfect combination of romance, fine dining and rustic Southern comfort. And the best part: it’s only an hour and a half from Nashville! My loving husband didn’t even turn on his cell phone to catch his precious SF Giants! It was a little slice of heaven right in our own backyard. Here’s a link to this magical place: Evins Mill .

P.S. We even won their annual Pumpkin Carving Contest! Check out the photo of the winning entry, our first ever minus the kids.

I also wanted to add a promo for a what looks to be a terrific event. The “Conscious Nashville Healing & Arts Community Fair”. It’s on Saturday, November 6th at the Sanctuary at the First Church Unity. There will be healing practitioner sessions, artists, musicians and all types of vendors. For more information, check it out at Conscious Nashville . Do something good for yourself!

Coming up this week, don’t miss some tasty tips for making your Thanksgiving turkey out-of-this-world delicious! and get ready for some fabulous, fun family-oriented entertainment coming up at TPAC. Have a great week and keep listening Nashville.

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