How To Win Friends and Influence…Anyone!

Happy Monday everyone! This past week we had some minor tech difficulties, so I’m just now able to post a segment from the November 7th show. It’s definitely worth hearing, though, because it’s with one of the most talented and entertaining artists I’ve talked to in a long time. Robert Post, creator of Post Comedy Theater, kicked off the latest TPAC Family Field Trip series. This impossible-to-define performer combines vaudeville, mime, music, classical theater and just about everything else to create some unique family-oriented fun. Take a listen, then check out to find more great family field trips. Robert Post/Post Family Theater

This week, I talked to a guy who knows how to persuade just about anyone! And for those of us with teenagers, this is a handy talent to have in your back pocket. Chris St. Hilaire’s techniques work in any situation from your home life, personal relations to your interactions with that cranky boss and deadbeat co-workers. You can learn these communication skills from reading his new book “27 Powers of Persuasion: Simple Strategies to Seduce Audiences and Win Allies.”
Chris St. Hilaire
To learn more about Chris and his special powers, check out

And finally, have you hugged your child’s teacher lately? Have you thanked the bus driver for getting your student to and from school safely? How about those hearty folks in the school’s front office? This is American Education Week, so it’s a good time to let the dedicated people on the front lines of education know your appreciate them. I talked to Gera Summerford, President of the Tennessee Education, about what’s going on in our local schools. The TEA represents teachers throughout the state and you can learn more about it from Here’s Gera’s interview. Gera Summerford

Coming up soon, some great holiday gift ideas, holiday happenings around Middle Tennessee and some updates on Alzheimer’s and Cancer you won’t want to miss. Feel free to contact me with story ideas, comments and feedback on our show.

Have a great week and keep warm!

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