There’s Still Some Cleanup Needed

Well,  I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks.  After a whirlwind trip back to L.A. and a gaggle of family in town for my son’s senior piano recital at Vandy, I got slammed by a sinus infection and bronchitis.  Still dealing with the effects, but it’s time to get on with it.  On a brighter note, check out the blossoms on the Bradford Pear Trees!!!!!  I know for many of you, it’s an allergy nightmare, but before long the rest of the trees will follow and Spring will be here.

Well, onto business.  I had so much fun interviewing my friend Norma Shirk about President George Washington.  Norma is a war buff, attorney, compliance officer and one of the most interesting people I’ve met in Nashville.  She really makes history come alive with her amazing grasp of events and people and her talent for story telling.  I know we’ll be hearing more from Norma.  She’s smart, funny and a terrific interview.  Here she talks about a great book about the father of our country.  

This past week, I found out some staggering statistics about trash and other debris still littering our local waterways after last year’s historic flooding.  Michael Cain (no, not the actor), who is with the Harpeth River Waterway Association, talked to me about their cleanup challenge: 50 tons by June 1st.  They’re holding a series of cleanup events and asking for folks to donate to the cause.  The next cleanup is March 26th at River Plantation and they need all hands on deck, people!  I also learned so much about how our rivers and streams contribute to our quality of life in Middle Tennessee and why the remaining debris is a major problem.  Listen to Michael, then click on the link to their website to find out how you can help.  

There has been lots of controversy over the new Affordable Care Act.  Here in Tennessee, lawmakers want to give people the choice of opting out of the law and nationally opponents have been battling to see the ACA declared unconstitutional.  There’s no question this is not a perfect solution.  But small business advocates say it will be a big help for business owners trying to stay afloat.  I talked to John Arensmayer, CEO of the Small Business Majority.  He explained exactly how the ACA can help people and shed light on the tax implications too.  I really enjoy talking to John because he brings clarity to some very complex and frustrating issues.  Listen to John and check out the Small Business Majority’s website for more information.  

And finally, a couple of weeks ago I talked to some talented local people with a real history in Nashville.  The Princely Players is a group of performers who’ve been together since 1968!  These musicians started at the segregated Cameron High School and lived and performed through the Civil Rights movement and continue performing today.  Their combination of spirituals, poetry and gospel will move you to tears.  Check them out and check out their website to see where they will be next!  Princely Players

Well, that’s about it for now.  Just a little teaser, watch the National Geographic’s Ultimate Factories Thursday, March 10th at 9:00 CST.  Our very own Jack Daniels factory is featured.  Next week, I’ll be talking to their master distiller to learn some secrets!

Have a great week everyone!  And, don’t forget to  “Spring Ahead”!

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