It’s All About The Water

This week spring has really begun in Middle Tennessee!  Those Bradford Pear Trees are blooming and it’s allergy time!  Just around the corner are all the spring holidays, Steeplechase, graduation days and then sumer vacay before you know it!  So, here are some stories to get you inspired.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the Master Distiller from the Jack Daniels distillery down in Lynchburg.  Jeff Arnett has been overseeing the making of Old No. 7 for awhile now and his team of experts was the subject of National Geographic’s show “Ultimate Factories.”  They opened their doors to give us all a peek into how the iconic brand gets its distinctive taste (hint:  it starts with the water).  Of course, some of it is a secret, but Jeff managed to give me some great information. The factory is open to the public most days of the year so go on down and see for yourself why this hot spot made it onto the show.    And, here’s a link to the show segment so you can see it for yourself.  Ultimate Factories, Jack Daniels.

If you’re like most people, spring is the time to clean out your house and maybe embark on some necessary home repairs and remodeling.  But finding the right contractor is a scary business.  There are so many disreputable people out there just waiting to make promises, take your hard earned money and then scram, leaving you with an unfinished project.  And I learned that when disaster strikes, such as last year’s floods, the crooks really come out of the woodwork and prey on people who are traumatized and unable to make good decisions.  Kia Ricchi, a contractor down in Florida, wrote a great book to help you make the right choice of contractor.  It’s called “Taking the Con out of Construction,” and she’s got some great information.  You can get her book from Amazon and other major booksellers.  

Also, last week, I told you all about Harpeth River Watershed Association’s efforts to clean up 40 tons of trash by June 1st.  Well, last week they collected another 3 tons of debris.  That brings them closer to their goal.  Don’t forget to visit them online to find out how you can donate and help cleanup our precious waterway.

And finally, go see “In The Heights” at TPAC.  Check out their website for ticket info and to check out their other spring offerings.  You’ll never be disappointed at TPAC.

Have a great week everyone!

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