Sequels and Next Stages

Are we having fun yet?  Those winds are blowin’ across the mid-state.  Spring is here, school is winding down and everyone is making plans!  

Have you been to the movies lately?  One of our faves is “The Lincoln Lawyer” based on the book by author Michael Connelly.  The story is set in….wait for it…..Los Angeles!  It stars criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller, a hard-boiled dude who zips around town in a Lincoln Continental driven by a former client.  Haller doesn’t much care if his clients are guilty or innocent, he fiercely defends their rights to a fair and vigorous trial.  I had so much fun interviewing Michael Connelly about his inspirations, role models and the sequel “The Fifth Witness” out now.  Listen to Michael and then go see the film and read his stuff, it’s really fun!

In addition to the storms blowing through, young people everywhere are looking for that all-important post-graduation first job.  For me, it was a receptionist job at a huge law firm where I failed miserably answering on an old-fashioned multi-line phone.  From there, it was on to many other office-type jobs.  For “millenial” kids, priorities have changed and a new study tells us how.  Are these young adults looking to work more, less, focus on family?  I talked to Dr. Sanja Licina, co-author of the study.  She has some unexpected results.  

Well, that’s about it for this week.  Whatever holiday you celebrate, make it a meaningful one.  Enjoy the sunshine this weekend and I’ll catch you later!  Oh, and let me know how you like the new theme!

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