It’s Spring, and Love is in the Air!

I hope everyone is safe and dry finally!  What a week we’ve had!  I’m so happy the sun is shining and we’ve all got a respite.  My thoughts and prayers go out to friends, family and anyone else in Alabama.

This week, I had fun interviewing a friend of mine and one of the most insightful people I’ve ever met.  Susan Hammonds-White is a Nashville counselor and certified Imago therapist.  She had loads to say about why we fall in love and why, after several good years, things can often get sticky in relationships.  And, she talked about a revolutionary therapy technique that can help get the magic back, for good!  Listen to Susan and be inspired!    And, check out Susan’s website listed to the right of this post!

It’s been a year since the BP oil spill in the Gulf ruined the lives of countless people throughout the South.  And damage to the sea life and environment is still unclear.  Author Carl Safina spent months on the ground investigating and writing about the Deepwater Horizon spill and its aftermath.  He has an incredible story to tell, and some unbelievable photos.  You have to read his book “A Sea in Flames”.  Listen to his own account.  

Have a great week everyone!  

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