Get out there and TAKE A WALK!!!!

I hope you’ve all had a great summer, I know I did!  Looks like Fall is nearly here, yikes!  I seem to have fallen a bit behind in posting my show online, so my apologies.  But, it’s a new season (almost), a good time to steel my resolve to stay on top of things.

To begin my new commitment, I ask you all when was the last time to went for a really nice walk?  Not just to the mailbox or to take the dog to do his you-know-what.  But an actual walk, away from your house, in nature?  Well, I’ve learned that Nashville is one of the country’s few major cities to have what are called “greenways.”  What’s a greenway?  Why should I care?  How do I find one?  All good questions!  And, to answer these questions and more, I talked to my dear friend, Renee Bates, Executive Coordinator of “Greenways for Nashville,” to get you the scoop.  Listen to Renee’s interview and then grab a friend, a nice pair of walking shoes (nothing fancy) and GET OUT THERE!  Thanks Renee! 

Do you have a recent college grad in your life?  Have you been flung, headlong into the adult world and need a shoulder to cry on?  Well as many of you know, two of my kids are recent refugees from the college world and they and their friends will tell you, it really is a jungle out there.  So I searched high and low to find someone to help calm these little birdies’ down a bit (Mom just doesn’t “get it”).  And I found a really great book by someone who knows this subject well.  Jenny Blake, a truly dynamic and talented young woman and recent college parolee (Go Bruins!) has written a fun, fast, witty guide called “Life After College”.  After I talked to her, I almost wished I could go back in time…did I say “almost”?  Listen to Jenny and then run out and grab this book.  

Well, everyone, that’s about it for this week.  Listen in on Sunday, September 11th for an insightful talk with the one and only Charlie Daniels!  He’s hosting an event you won’t want to miss!

Stay classy, Nashville!

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