Spring is Here…Are You Ready?

Hi Everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed a great holiday weekend!  I had a great time celebrating Passover with family and friends.  This is one of my very favorite times of the year here in Middle Tennessee.  The leaves have sprouted, the air is warmer and the days are longer (finally).  Ahead for me is a trip to Paris, my daughter’s college graduation, reuniting with my Freshman son and the promise of a really fun summer.  Maybe I’ll even get to squeeze in a trip back home to L.A.  

In preparation for the season, I had fun interviewing my friend Mridu Parikh, owner of Memories Organized.  She has given me some amazing tips for organizing my home, my mail, my life!  Her creativity, understanding and compassion make the task of clearing up the clutter almost fun!  Listen to my interview with Mridu and then get busy.  It’s cheaper than therapy!  

During the spring and summer, I like to spend lots of time outside.  Whether it’s gardening, swimming, hiking or just taking a walk, my feet take a beating.  My dear friend Dr. Carmen April is a podiatrist who can save your digits from lots of pain.  I talked to her last week about how to make sure you get a healthy pedicure, how to wear flip flops (yes, you can!) and how to make sure your feet can get you where you need to go.  She’s amazing!  Check out her interview.  

As the economy continues to recover, there is good news for women in Tennessee.  According to a study by American Express OPEN, Tennessee ranks number 17 nationwide for women-owned business growth.  The study also suggests that most of these businesses are start-ups.  The Small Business Majority says small businesses are key to continued recovery and that now is a good time to take the leap.  I talked to Julie Weeks, author of American Express OPEN’s study, to get the 4-1-1 on what it takes to be a successful business owner.  

Looking for some great Spring reading material?  Michael Grant, author of the “Gone’s series, has taken a new leap into the world of transmedia.  His new book “BZRK”, out now, could drive you out of your mind.  Listen to his interview, then go Bezerk!  

Well, that’s about it for now.  Next week, I’m off to Paris for a long-awaited vacay.  I’ll try and post from there so be watching for pics and updates.  A bientot, darlings!

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