Springtime Goings On in Middle TN

Been a busy few weeks for me!  Personally, my honey and I took a dream trip to Paris, France.!  And when I say a dream trip, I mean it was a dream come true for me.  We’ve been there once before but it was so long ago, it feels like another lifetime.  This time around, all I can say is “Wow”!  Even the cold, rainy weather couldn’t dampen my spirits as we wandered around and through the streets, countryside and even the underground catacombs.  Upon our return, our daughter completed her degree and graduated from MTSU!  It was a long-awaited and hard fought victory for her and we are elated and proud!  So, it’s back to reality for me and I’ve got some amazing folks for you to listen to.

While I was away, Nashville hosted its annual Film Festival.  I was fortunate to speak with someone who has made it his mission to bring the Batman story to the big screen.  Michael Uslan, executive produced every incarnation of the Dark Knight since the campy but, for me, beloved TV version of  the 1960s.  He’s written a fabulously entertaining book that is both inspirational and funny.  Listen to his interview and then get your own copy of “The Boy Who Loved Batman” and live your own dreams!  

Next up is a really special guest for me!  My cousin, Bill Sebastian, an extremely talented filmmaker.  He and his wife Dana and their newborn daughter Amelia were in town for a screening of their film “Qwerty”.  This true indie film follows the story of a scrabble nerd and her blossoming romance with a curmudgeonly  recluse.  Bill talks about the journey of QWERTY and what it’s like to follow the dream.  

This past weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of talking to a dear friend of mine who is also one of the most awesome women I’ve ever met!  Laura Reinbold is the Nashville Branch Manager of TTL, a geo-professional engineering firm.  Laura talks about what it takes to make it in a man’s world and how she’s developed her own unique leadership style.  Listen and learn, my friends!  

Autism Awareness Month just wrapped up and I had my annual talk with the folks from Autism Society of Middle Tennessee.  This year, their spokesperson was someone many of you will know.  Melissa Meadows, AKA Wylie Rose of WKDF, is the new Community Outreach Director for ASMT!  She speaks so movingly about her own journey raising a child with Aspberger’s, one of the disorders on the Autism spectrum.  Listen to Melissa and then check out ASMT’s website for support and information.  

Well friends, that’s about it for now.  This coming weekend, we’re off to Steeplechase again!  I’ve got my hat and my dress ready to go.  And Sunday is Mother’s Day.  So a very Happy Mother’s Day to anyone who mothers people.  It’s a tough job, definitely not for sissies!  And, listen on Sunday to a couple of great interviews.  One is with a very famous author, and that’s all I’m going to tell you.

Au revoir, mes aimees!

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