Food Allergies Are On The Rise: Speak Out!

Hi everyone!  Yes, I’m posting again!  So much important information to share.  

I don’t know about you, but when I was in school kids with food allergies were very rare.  These days so many kids are being diagnosed with allergies that foods like peanut butter are are actually being banned from schools and camps.  And studies show there really are more cases of allergies being diagnosed in young children.  Unfortunately in our litigious society, schools in many states are not allowed to stock and administer that small, yet lifesaving device known as the Epi-pen, which can save lives.  Last week I spoke with a couple of people who are working to raise awareness about this issue, and to offer support for families living with this life-threatening condition.  Listen to Dr. Keegan Smith, allergist with Heritage Medical Associates and Heather Duncan, a mom to a teen with severe food allergies.  Then jump on Facebook and join the Food Allergy Community of Tennessee, otherwise known as FACT!  

Do you really know what the First Amendment to the Constitution means?  As a reporter, I focused on my freedom of speech everyday.  But there is so much more to this often misunderstood Amendment.  Recently, challenges to the rights outlined in it have made headlines, so I went to the expert!  Gene Policinski, Sr. Vice President and Executive Director of the First Amendment Center, explained what the First Amendment actually says and why it has everyone so confused these days.    If you have additional questions, check out the First Amendment Center’s website just to your right!

Have a great day Nashville!