It’s Time To Stop The Hate

Hi everyone!  This week has been jam packed and the sun is shining (for now).

I’ve got several interviews to post, but first up is an event you won’t want to miss.  Thursday, January 26 (that’s in two days!) Metro Human Relations Commission is hosting a forum that takes a look at hate crimes both in Middle Tennessee and around the country.  It will be a rare opportunity to hear from Federal law enforcement, prosecutors and others working to stop hate crimes.  The forum will look at the Shepard/Byrd Hate Crimes Law, which outlines specific protections.  Special guest that morning will be Dennis Shepard, father of Matthew Shepard, a young man who was killed because he was gay.  It should prove to be a powerful day of healing, learning and inspiration.  I had the privilege of speaking to Caroline Blackwell, Executive Director of the Metro Human Rights Commission.  She has some great info about the forum, which is open to the public!  Check it out.  

On a lighter note (much lighter), TPAC is reprising the smash Broadway hit Spamalot this week!  This production stars one of Nashville’s own, local performer Thomas Demarcus, in several hilarious roles.  If you missed the show last time, or want to laugh til you cry, again, hurry up!  Tickets are still available but going fast.  And for those of you alums of Brentwood High, here’s Thomas Demarcus!  

Well, I have a couple more interviews for you, but it will have to wait until tomorrow!  Check back because you won’t want to miss these two blockbuster interviews!

Ciao darlings!  Enjoy the evening!

It’s a Great New Year!

Happy 2012 Everyone!  I hope you’re all enjoying our mild winter, I know I am.  

This year is going to rock, I can feel it already.  This past week, I had so much fun interviewing some really amazing women.  Each one creative, smart, engaging and dynamic.  First up, Neshama Carlebach.  Neshama is a performer who will be appearing in Nashville on January 14th at 3rd & Lindsley (a really fun music venue).  She is touring and performing with the Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir from New York and their collaboration is something you’re not going to want to miss.  Neshama is the daughter of famous Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, who revolutionized Jewish music.  Neshama is carrying on his work, but gives it all her own unique spin.  She really appeals to all audiences.  Listen to her interview.  Tickets are still available, but are going fast.  Call West End Synagogue for reservations: 615-269-4592.  

If you want to see a preview of Neshama and the Choir, watch this!  You won’t want to miss this concert!

My second interview this week was with my dear friend, Margit Crane.  Margit’s new book “How To Train Your Parents in 61/2 Days” is the Bible for raising teens.  It’s funny, direct, warm and will help you and your teen navigate these often-times confusing years.  Listen to Margit and then get a copy of her book for your teen and one for yourself!  It is a “must-read”!  

That’s about it for now, folks.  Have a great weekend and be listening and reading.  I’ve got some great interviews coming your way.  Ciao darlings!

A Local Hero

Hey everyone!  Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  I spent mine in Disney World with my husband and son. It was magical as always, if a little quiet without our two traveling older kids.  But we did adult-style with fine dining, massages and spa time.  Of course, we did connect with our inner children with fireworks, junk food, pin collecting and funny hats. 

This past week I had the honor of speaking to someone who is a familiar voice in Nashville.  In fact, the interview was so good I devoted the entire show to it.  Hoss Burns, retired DJ and now AIDS Spokesman, told his story in honor of World AIDS Day on December 1st.  He is being honored by Vanderbilt’s Institute for Global Health in a multi-media presentation at the Blair School of Music.  I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with Hoss and look forward to so many more.  He’s a cool cat who’s fighting the good fight.  Listen to him tell his own story now!    

Earlier this month, I talked to the curator of art at Cheekwood about a fab new exhibit they have about the history of the American West.  Jochan Weirich told me about the show brought to us by the Bill Cody Historical Center in South Dakota.  The exhibit is chock full of art and artifacts you do not want to miss.  Check out what Jochan has to say!  

And finally, November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.  There are so many myths and misconceptions about this disease.  The mysteries of the human brain are frustrating and confusing to most of us.  I spoke to Mark Underwood, a neuroscience researcher and President of Quincy Biosciences to get the facts.  He also shares some breakthrough research and treatment options.  Listen up!  

Well, everyone, that’s about it for this week.  It’s a busy time for all of us, so make sure and take some “me” time for yourself each day.  Relax and enjoy!  Ciao, darlings.


The Turnip Truck Turns 10 and other Milestones!

This month there have been so many great things happening in Middle Tennessee.  We’ve also enjoyed, in my opinion, the most glorious Fall since I moved here four years ago!  So sit back, relax, and listen to some great interviews that will inspire, educate and delight you!

First up, East Nashville’s local icon The Turnip Truck Natural Market turns 10 this year!  They had a fabulous party, which I attended.  But this neighborhood gem always surprises with tasty delicacies and great bargains for your dinner table.  I talked to co-founder Chris Felder about the history of The Turnip Truck and also learned about some of their exciting plans for the future.  Listen to Chris and then head over to the store and pick up some great goodies for the holiday.  

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and Tennessee has one of the highest rates of this disease in the country.  In fact, someone in this country is diagnosed with Diabetes every 30 seconds!  But you can help, just by taking a walk!  Coming up on Saturday is Nashville’s Step-Out Walk To Fight Diabetes.  It’s the American Diabetes Association’s signature fundraiser and I talked to walk organizer Christine Schaeberle to learn more about how you can help.  Listen to her inspiring interview and then check out how you can get a team together and help support this great cause.  

As the temperatures are dropping, many of Middle Tennessee’s homeless are finding it harder to to get through the night.  But Nashville’s groundbreaking Room In The Inn is here to help.  For the last 27 years, Room In The Inn has been working with local congregations who open their doors, their hearts and their kitchens to feel and shelter folks with nowhere else to go.  I talked with founder Charles Strobel and Executive Director Rachel Hester about Room In The Inn’s various programs and their plans for the future.  What an inspiring duo!  Listen to them and then check out how you can help!  

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of those disposable water bottles you see peeking out of backpacks, handbags and briefcases?  Do you get frustrated trying to fill your reusable water bottle at a trickling water fountain?  Well, one innovative company is solving those problems one bottle at a time.  Elkay Products, the nation’s largest manufacturer of sinks and water coolers, is installing the new quick filling EZH20 water coolers on college campuses around the country, including right here in Nashville.  We spoke with Franco Savoni, Sr. Product Manager of Elkay, to learn more about how you can fill up and get on your way fast! 


Time To Get Your Mammogram!

Fall is in the air, isn’t it?  From my window I can see the leaves changing color and a few are starting to sprinkle the ground.  But it’s been a glorious month in Middle Tennessee!  I’ve been a busy, busy bee, covering all sorts of stories and guests.  First up, it’s time to remind everyone to get their Mammogram!  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so schedule yours now.

I spoke with one of the most inspiring guests I’ve ever interviewed.  Janelle Hail, founder of the National Breast Cancer Foundation is a 31 year survivor of Breast Cancer!  The NBCF is dedicated to ensuring all women have access to affordable mammograms.  Take a listen to her and then get your mammogram and/or encourage the women in your life to get one.  

Have you always wanted to write the next hit song?  Many have tried, most have not succeeded.  And while songwriting is an art, it is also a business.  I talked to hit songwriter Casey Kelley about his new book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Songwriting.”  Despite it’s title, he’s got some fabulous tips about getting into the biz and coming out on top!  Heeeeere’s Casey!  

That’s about it for now, folks!  Much more coming up, so stay tuned to this space and tune in Sunday mornings at 5:30 on WGFX 104.5 The Zone and at 6:00 on WKDF 103.3!  Stay Classy Nashville!

Get out there and TAKE A WALK!!!!

I hope you’ve all had a great summer, I know I did!  Looks like Fall is nearly here, yikes!  I seem to have fallen a bit behind in posting my show online, so my apologies.  But, it’s a new season (almost), a good time to steel my resolve to stay on top of things.

To begin my new commitment, I ask you all when was the last time to went for a really nice walk?  Not just to the mailbox or to take the dog to do his you-know-what.  But an actual walk, away from your house, in nature?  Well, I’ve learned that Nashville is one of the country’s few major cities to have what are called “greenways.”  What’s a greenway?  Why should I care?  How do I find one?  All good questions!  And, to answer these questions and more, I talked to my dear friend, Renee Bates, Executive Coordinator of “Greenways for Nashville,” to get you the scoop.  Listen to Renee’s interview and then grab a friend, a nice pair of walking shoes (nothing fancy) and GET OUT THERE!  Thanks Renee! 

Do you have a recent college grad in your life?  Have you been flung, headlong into the adult world and need a shoulder to cry on?  Well as many of you know, two of my kids are recent refugees from the college world and they and their friends will tell you, it really is a jungle out there.  So I searched high and low to find someone to help calm these little birdies’ down a bit (Mom just doesn’t “get it”).  And I found a really great book by someone who knows this subject well.  Jenny Blake, a truly dynamic and talented young woman and recent college parolee (Go Bruins!) has written a fun, fast, witty guide called “Life After College”.  After I talked to her, I almost wished I could go back in time…did I say “almost”?  Listen to Jenny and then run out and grab this book.  

Well, everyone, that’s about it for this week.  Listen in on Sunday, September 11th for an insightful talk with the one and only Charlie Daniels!  He’s hosting an event you won’t want to miss!

Stay classy, Nashville!

“The Color Purple” is Back, Plus Lots More Goings On

So much to report this week.  I apologize for delaying these posts the last few weeks.  Between graduations, the cicada attack and wild weather, it’s been hectic to say the least.

I want to begin with the most recent interviews and work back.  So first up, the hit Broadway musical “The Color Purple” is coming back and I am beyond excited!!!!!  The show was here last year, just before the May flood and sold out.  And thanks to the good folks at TPAC who never want to disappoint, they brought this blockbuster to us again.  I had the honor of speaking with Pam Trotter, the actress who plays Sofia.  She lives in my old neighborhood back in L.A. and we had a blast catching up on home.  But she also had lots to say about the role that made Oprah a household name.  Take a listen and then run, don’t walk, to TPAC to get tickets.  The show opens tomorrow and runs through the weekend.  

If you’re like me, summer is a great time to catch up pleasure reading.  I don’t know what it is, but the longer days seem to call me to curl up on my deck with a good book.  And local author Karyn Henley has a new one out.  This one is aimed at young adult readers.  That means teens and up.  So, it’s a great opportunity to read something with your teen that should spark some interesting conversation.  Or at the very least, you’ll get an eye roll.  But I promise you won’t be disappointed by “Breath of Angel.”  Listen to what Karyn has to say.    And, you can meet Karyn this coming Friday at the Cool Springs Barnes & Noble.  She’ll be signing copies of the book beginning at 7:00.  Don’t miss it, and tell her I said “hi”.

Okay, so we all know smoking is bad for you, will kill you, and is bad for those around you.  But so many people continue to smoke and struggle with nicotine addiction.  Even worse, there are still some young people who start smoking and think they can quit whenever they want.  Veterans of the quitting war know that’s not necessarily the case.  I talked to Dr. William Lawson, a pulmonary critical care doc at Vanderbilt, and a spokesman for the American Lung Association.  He gave me the low down on why people still smoke and how they can get the help they need to quit for good.  

The recent Census confirmed what many of us have known for awhile: the senior population in this country is growing by leaps and bounds.  As the “Baby Boomers” continue to maintain active, vibrant lives, they are also living longer than previous generations (yay!).  But that means metropolitan areas like ours have to adapt to their specific needs.  I talked with Van Cluck, CEO of The Blakeford at Green Hills, and a member of the steering committee of the Nashville Livability Project.  He had some great insight into what is being done, and what still needs to be improved to accommodate our seniors.  

Do you want to be rich?  Do you have a newly-minted adult in your life who wants to be rich?  There’s actually a new book that is called “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” and it’s a hip, funny and straight-arrow guide to obtaining wealth.  I talked to the author, Ramit Sethi, who doesn’t pull any punches.  Listen to what he has to say, then grab a copy of the book.  

So, summer is just about to start, and it’s hot, hot, hot here in Middle Tennessee.  But that doesn’t mean your exercise plan goes out the window.  In fact, our Mayor Karl Dean has a challenge for all of us.  Walk 100 miles with him and win some stuff.  Mayor Dean is even putting his feet where his mouth is and leading walks around town and is inviting us all to join him.  Listen to the Mayor, then lace up your walking shoes and get out there!  

Well, I’ve got lots more to update.  But this post is getting way too long!  Enjoy these interviews and look for more later this week.  It’s summer, there’s lots to do, go play and have fun!  Cheers!

Victory and Protest

First things first: Congratulations to all our Graduates on a job well done!

This past week, I had the privilege of interviewing two people who are part of the Vanderbilt community.  First up, was Professor Thomas Schwartz, professor of political science.  He helped me unpack some of the events surrounding the assassination of Osama bin Laden.  I talked about the long term impact to both our national security, and to President Obama’s legacy and political future.  It’s an interesting and complex time for us in America and Professor Schwartz offers some great insights. 

Vanderbilt University has some really talented, smart and dynamic students.  As details emerge about the university’s plans to build a satellite education campus in Abu Dhabi, one student group is fired up about it and is taking their protest to the streets and the boardroom.  Senior David Pasch has organized Students Against Vanderbilt in the Emirates, or SAVE.  The group has succeeded in getting the university Board of Directors to hold off on a deal with Abu Dhabi until their Fall meeting, giving the school community time to learn more about the proposed campus.  I talked to David, who just happens to be a friend of my son (also a Vandy senior), to learn more about their campaign.  He’s a terrific young man with focus and drive.  Listen to his interview, then check out the group’s Facebook page to get involved. 

Well, that’s about it for this week.  One last thing, Happy 18th Birthday to my son Brian, Happy Graduation to my son Paul!  What a week!  Go ‘Dores!!!!!


This has been one incredible week for all Americans, and here in Middle Tennessee!  I look forward to watching things unfold.

This past week, I talked to some really great folks about two subjects near and dear to my heart: life changes, and vacations.  First up is Heidi Houston, a fledgling filmmaker who has done an amazing job producing a film about women and the changes they go through.  It’s called “Hot Flash Havoc” and takes an insightful look at menopause and peri-menopause.  So, for any woman 35 and over, and their companions, this film is a must!  If you can’t find it in your area, check out the website for some great information.  Heidi is so passionate about this subject, having gone through some really tough times herself.  Check it out!  

Hot Flash Havoc

One of my favorite things is travel.  And, I’m always looking for a great deal on hotels because, let’s face it, it’s all about the hotel!  A great new website is offering up deals on some really unique places as well as some budget type digs that you’ll go crazy over!  I talked to Bob Diener, President of, about his new venture.  See what he has to say, then visit his site.

Well, that’s about it for this week.  Listen to this Sunday’s show.  I’ve got some great commentary on the death of Osama bin Laden, and an update on Vanderbilt’s efforts to open a campus in Abu Dhabi!  Catch ya later!

It’s Spring, and Love is in the Air!

I hope everyone is safe and dry finally!  What a week we’ve had!  I’m so happy the sun is shining and we’ve all got a respite.  My thoughts and prayers go out to friends, family and anyone else in Alabama.

This week, I had fun interviewing a friend of mine and one of the most insightful people I’ve ever met.  Susan Hammonds-White is a Nashville counselor and certified Imago therapist.  She had loads to say about why we fall in love and why, after several good years, things can often get sticky in relationships.  And, she talked about a revolutionary therapy technique that can help get the magic back, for good!  Listen to Susan and be inspired!    And, check out Susan’s website listed to the right of this post!

It’s been a year since the BP oil spill in the Gulf ruined the lives of countless people throughout the South.  And damage to the sea life and environment is still unclear.  Author Carl Safina spent months on the ground investigating and writing about the Deepwater Horizon spill and its aftermath.  He has an incredible story to tell, and some unbelievable photos.  You have to read his book “A Sea in Flames”.  Listen to his own account.  

Have a great week everyone!